Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #145 - Organic

Sunday Scribblings #145 - Organic

If you read an old definition of 'organic' it seems to have very little to do with how we use the word today. What is your take on 'organic?'

According to Wikipedia, organic foods are:
"...grown without the use of conventional pesticides and artificial fertilizers, free from contamination by human or industrial waste, and processed without ionizing radiation or food additives."

According to organic farming is:
"...Agriculture that does not use chemicals, genetic modification, or irradiation, using only natural products."

According to Kentucky Organics organic agriculture:
"...builds the health of the soil, providing the foundation for healthy crops and a livelihood for good stewards of the land. Crops must be grown on land that is free of prohibited substances for at least three years prior to harvest. Certified organic food has no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, or additives, no genetically modified ingredients, and no irradiation in growth or production."

All these definitions are similar, but what do they acutally mean? To me, organic is what I grown on my little one-acre yard. I have veggie gardens and flower gardens, as well as a small fruit orchard. I do not use pesticides or chemicals on ANY of my gardens. I use grass clippings and leaves to mulch and fertilize my gardens, as well as making compost tea.

My compost heap is one of the most essential items in my garden. I compost all garden and kitchen waste; I even have a separate pile I compost seedy weeds - this one cooks longer in order to kill the seeds.

Because of the orchard and the large tobacco field behind my home, I have lots of honey bees and mason bees to pollinate my fruits and veggies. I use water from rain barrels to water my gardens.

All of these actions make me feel confident I am growing the best food for my family. I may never have my garden certified with an official "Organic" label, but it is organic enough for me.


bella rum said...

We plant a garden every year and there is nothing like eating vegetables you've grown yourself, is there?

So funny that I should read this today. Just a few hours ago, my brother and I were talking about pesticides. He said the life span of banana pickers is only thirty something because of the chemicals. Horrible.

Rinkly Rimes said...

If you FEEL organic I'm sure you are!

Onion said...

I can totally relate to feeling proud of your home grown veggies. I remember having a yard with enough space to do so... tomatoes and chili's... we had lots of salsa around all the time!

Fruit Trees are also fun, figs are the easiest low maintenance fruit trees around... except for the bugs!

gautami tripathy said...

I wish I could grow my own veggies..

Setting about a routine

floreta said...

it would be nice to have your own orchard!

Tumblewords: said...

Sounds wonderful! I'd imagine this is a very good feeling, particularly in times like these. Very nice post!

Anonymous said...

well written !!

GreenishLady said...

Sounds like a little piece of heaven on earth! This year, I'm finally going to grow something I can eat - be it only a row of lettuces! My ultimate goal would be your garden. Sounds great!