Monday, June 14, 2010

Itsty Bitsy Spider

"The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout ..."

My new grandbaby is not even a week old and look how talented she is!

"My Little Oak Tree"

Papa Rightmyer (my hubby) and Devon Mikayla - June 13, 2010

"My Little Oak Tree"

My little oak tree is a special little oak tree,
and I carry her close to my heart.
Although she's just a little sprout,
I know one day she will be a tall and mighty oak tree.

A main-stem trunk that is tall and true
with strong, straight branches
outreaching to touch so many souls
of the loved one in her life.

Her roots go deep and are anchored down
with compassion, strength, history, wisdom
and love - lots of love.
Planted well to help her grow into
the fabulous person she will become.

Her special parents, Marie and Mike,
will keep her safe and teach her right from wrong.
They will love and nurture her as only parents can do.
But Nana and PaPa Rightmyer will be right there to spoil her rotten,
right along with her Granddad and Grandma Huffman,
her Granny Roberts, her Grandpa Huntsberger,
her Great PawPaw Sallee, her Great MaMaw Rightmyer
her Great Grandma Henniger;
plus those special aunts – Amber, Christine and Cynthia –
and her big sister, Delilah Rose.
I know you’ll be missed by your Great Nana Sallee and your Aunt Amy,
but they are watching you from heaven and are very proud of you.

Devon you are my first,
but hopefully not the last,
and although you will hold a place
secure inside my heart,
there is room for many more to grow.

My little one,
my special one,
my once little tadpole,
but now you’re my little oak tree true.

What Can We Say?

I wrote this for the Memorial Bulletin at my Momma's funeral. This is the first time I've felt like sending it out into the blogosphere. I promised my Momma I would not write about her, but I don't think she will mind this one little poem. We love you, Momma, and we miss you every minute ...

Brenda Carolyn Devine Sallee
November 6, 1944 – May 23, 2010

What Can We Say?
By Bobbi Dawn Sallee Rightmyer (Daughter)

We learned about love from you, Momma,
by watching your caring ways.
You let us know your endless love
in so many different ways.

We learned all we know about living
because you always gave life your all.
Your unfailing love was without limit,
as was your ability to soothe our hurts.

We learned about joy from you
in many fun-filled yesterdays.
You made us feel important
with endless encouragement and praise.

From you we learned forgiveness,
of faults both big and small.
With open arms and open heart,
you were gentle and yet so strong.

From you we learned to comfort and care,
but your lessons stopped not with family.
You loved your patients and loved your friends
and never said "No" to any calls for help.

Momma, we look at you and see a walking miracle;
you were our teacher and our comforter,
our cheerleader and our rock.
Your unselfishness kept us anchored,
every hour of every day.
You were dependable and full of comfort,
our cushion when we'd fall.

You helped in times of trouble,
though we sometimes caused you pain;
it mattered not what we did,
you supported us all the same.

How did you find the energy, Momma,
to do all the things you did;
to be teacher, nurse and counselor,
and full of inexhaustible love?

Nobody's quite like you, Momma;
you were special in every way.
You cheered us up, you filled our cups
with tenderness, come what may.

Nobody loved us more than you,
no matter what we did;
good or bad, happy or sad,
you were full of unconditional love.

Nobody's equal to you, Momma,
you truly blessed our lives.
We love you so and want you to know,
you were the absolute best.

We know we were all in your thoughts,
your love followed us everyday.
Thank you for all you've done
and given so generously.

We love you, our wonderful Momma,
you will be our blessing from above.
You set us free and steered us straight.
We'll miss you come what may.
The examples you have shown us
and the lessons we have learned
will remain in all our hearts
until we see you again one day.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Promise

This poem was chosen to be included in the eAnthology, "You and I" - published by Isles Poetry Association and Aaron Poetry Journal. If this eAnthology is as successful as the first, it will be printed in a hardcover edition and be available on Amazon.


Will you be my love forever,

walk hand and hand together?

I’ll be your rock to lean upon,

your shelter till the storm is gone.

When no one is on your side,

wrapped in my arms you can hide.

If you feel lost or alone,

remember how our love has grown.

You sprinkled sunshine in my heart,

you’ve been my friend from the start.

So walk with me forever,

we’ll spend our lives together.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Growing Old

Here is a poem by my youngest daughter, Christine. She was an honorable mention in the 2010 Student Poetry Contest through the Kentucky State Poetry Society.

Growing Old
By Christine Rightmyer

When you grow up
feeling old,
you wonder what you did wrong
as the weight of the world
worms through the decayed
newspaper clippings of your brain.

Toss and turn,
blissfully lethargic.
Fall into a void
only as cool
as the other side of the pillow.

No sleep for the wicked.
Growing old feels like you should
have been dead years ago.
Making friends with everyone else’s demons,
now you’re buried under insomnia’s
right arm.

You only grow old
when you think about them.