Friday, February 20, 2009

Jade's Mystery

One-Minute Writer Friday Fiction: Mystery

Friday Fiction is your chance to write a brief bit of fiction each week. Get creative making stuff up--and have fun!

Describe the moment a character solves a mystery.


Slowly, Jade sat up and looked around. All she could see were green things above her head. She had landed flat on her back, but found she could easily move, so no bones were broken.

She had accepted the assignment to come to the humanoid planet, but looking at the desolation around her, she was beginning to have second thoughts.

Jade stood up and surveyed the landscape. Although she had study for two years to learn the behaviors of the inhabitants on Earth, she was not prepared to be dropped off into this barren wilderness.

"Where are the towns?" Jade took a worn leather journal out of her knapsack and began thumbing through the pages.

"Metropolitan cities, large cities, small cities - but where are the cities?" She walked a few paces down a small slope into a clearing. Looking out over the abyss, all she could see for miles and miles was more greenery, just like the area she landed in.

Jade was prepared for cities with their fossil fuel cars and pollution. She was prepared for hundreds of thousands of people crammed into these cities. She was even prepared to make friends and infiltrate the people of the cities. But she was not prepared for all this greenery, even if her skin was also a lovely shade of green.

Flipping through the journal, she finally found what she was looking for.

"Mountains, forests, woods - places were trees, plants and other vegetation grow. These green things supply Earth with clean oxygen they require in order to breath and live. Ah," thought Jade, "my teletransportation must have missed the mark. Instead of landing near a city, I've landed in the mountains."

Swinging her knapsack over her narrow shoulders, Jade started walking down the mountain, heading for civilization. Heading for the people she would live with and observe for the next 10 years.

(This is another snippet of the Adventures of Jade)


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Oh said...

just stopping by and saw the picture and then your story and of course I read it - i cannot pass up a story and it is fun. Great exercise, too.
(really, I gotta exercise more, the writing kind AND the physical kind.)