Friday, February 6, 2009


One-Minute Writer Friday Fiction: Encounter

Friday Fiction is a new series on The One-Minute Writer. Every Friday you'll be prompted to create a brief piece of fiction. Have fun!

Write about a character's first encounter with the person he or she will later fall in love with.

Jade's Arrival

"Please don't touch me," the strange lady yelled at my best buddy, Brent.

She was the oddest person I had ever seen, and coming from New York city, I've seen some odd people. For one thing, she was almost 6 foot tall, but this is not what made her odd. I think it was the fact her skin had a bright green tint to it - or maybe because her large eyes were dark and almond shaped. She did have long beautiful blond hair that fell in ripples down her lean back.

"Hey, I'm sorry," said Brent. "I didn't mean to bump into you. Ah, my name's Brent - you new in town?"

The strange, beautiful creature look at him for a full minute before answering.

"My name is Jade - and yes, you could say I'm new in town."

(Jade is a character I've been expanding on with several recent prompts. I hope to one day develop her into a full length novel.)



Natalie said...

If you do I will volunteer to proofread offer suggestions whatever you want! I look forward to your posts about Jade!

Bobbi said...

Thanks Natalie! This is a character I started tinkering with just before Christmas. I don't know what it is about her, but I'm enjoying what she has shown me so far!