Monday, June 20, 2011

Natural Summer

Caterpillar nest in a small hackberry tree,
tiny little sparrow dining on the buffet.
Is it any wonder we have butterflies and moths?

Cardinals rest in the nest just outside the front door,
tucked away in the tangled growth English Ivy.
Male and female taking turns sitting on the nest.

Bumblebees are having a ball,
going from one delicious flower to the next,
sucking up the nectar of the Gods.

Earthworms are crawling to the top of the soil
after a long winters nap
in the earthy depths.

Ant colonies are scampering when you turn over rocks,
scurrying to seal the tunnels
and getting everyone inside.

Spiders spin their delicate webs trying to catch a meal.
But the surprise is on us,
when the webs sparkle with the morning dew.

Butterflies break free from cryslis
and venture into the warming summer air,
soaking up the sunshine pouring from the sky.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Train Graffiti


Looping letters
swirling the entire box car
Vivid colors
seeming to be 3-D
Exquisite examples
of unknown artists