Friday, March 13, 2009


One-Minute Writer Friday Fiction: Child

Write a short, fictional piece about a pivotal moment in a child's life. Write in first person, from the point of view of the child.


"But I don't want to be a Traveller!" Jade whined. "Why can't I live on my own planet like all my friends?"

The Interplanetary Council consisted of seven members, each one over two million eons old - two million years in Earth time. On the planet Jadocon, two million eons was like the blink of an eye. Every few hundred eons, new Travellers are chosen from the newly young and trained to explore alien universes.

Unfortunately for Jade, she had been chosen from birth - mainly because her parents were also Travellers, but mostly because her unique DNA consisted of the exact match to help her blend in with the humans of Earth. She may have been born with translucent green and large, dark, almond shaped eyes, but her DNA contained the invisibility gene which helped her true form remain unnoticed by humans. This DNA combination was a rare gene for offspring born on Jadocon.

But Jade wanted nothing to do with the Interplanetary Council - she did not want to be a Traveller.

"Jadocon is my home. I don't want to travel to Earth - I could care less about humans!"

"Silence!" thundered Agnowyn, leader of the Council. "You were chosen before your birth. You will do as the Council desires. You will travel to Earth and learn everything there is to know about the humanoids. No arguments. The Council has spoken." Agnowyn slammed down her clenched fist on the wooden table in front of her.

"Now, go with the Sentries. They will take you to the training center. In 15 eons, you will be sent to Earth."

Stunned, Jade dropped her head and was led out of the Council Chamber.

"Now what do I do?" Jade barely moved her long, lean legs as the Sentries guided her to the training center - away from life as she knew it - toward a life she didn't want.


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