Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cafe Writing - Cardinal Totem

January Cafe Writing Option Two Can You Picture That?
Use the following photo to inspire a piece of writing in any form (poetry, prose, whatever).

(Photo Credit: Rana K. Williamson)

Cardinal Totem

Folklore says the first animal you see on New Year's Day will be your animal totem for the upcoming year. This year, as in many years past, the first animal I saw on January 1, 2009 was a cardinal.

I live in Kentucky, and it is not unusual for cardinals to overwinter in my backyard. I have several feeding stations set up throughout my one-acre yard and I enjoying watching all the birds from the comfort of my home.

Cardinals have always been special to me because I have so many living near me. Last year, I counted no less than 22 pairs (44 total) cardinals in my backyard at one time. It was gorgeous!!!

The cardinals voice and color are its two strongest characteristics. Cardinals can represent a turn of events or a life changing situation. Cardinals get their names from the cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church wearing the bright red robes.

Pretty Little Cardinal

Pretty little cardinal sitting in the tree
Why do you keep looking at me
Is it faith and healing you bring
Or just the chance to frollick and sing

Pretty little cardinal sitting on the ground
Why do you make the loud whistling sound
Is it a warning for me to run
Or just a chance to enjoy the fun

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