Tuesday, August 31, 2010


(Photo by Dan Felstead of Wood and Pixel Narratives)


There is a stillness in the darkness
enveloping the world,
fear stalks the living.

A pale, peaceful moon illuminates
the great expanse of lawn,
but the barn upon it will know no peace
because of disappointment leading to terror;
a welcoming touch that can cause death or destruction.

It is dusk and faint rays of light come down
to creep across the silent meadows and fields;

secrets, secrets that could cost a life.

The sun has gone down and the night seems
lonelier than before
and we live with the fear.


(Photo from The Sixth Minky)


Friday the 13th
Murphy's law
scare of my life
twice in one week


(Photo by Dan Felstead of "Wood and Pixel Narratives")


When you're in love at 17,
you think you know everything.
It's not until you're 47,
so you realize you know nothing.

Crazy M-I-L


pure and simple crazy.
Not coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs crazy,
but full of bragging and constant deceit,
and thinking only of herself.
Full of evil deeds, with plots and planning -
so glad she is out of my life.

Yorkie Rides a Harley


I saw a young man
upon a motorcycle today,
a sleek white beautiful Harley with
glistening chrome handle bars.
There was nothing unusual about this man,
other than he wore no protective headgear,
but that is his choice to make, not mine.
What drew me to him was the tiny compartment
on the seat behind his back,
for in this compartment,
strapped in with a red seat belt
was a tiny toy Yorkie.
She wore a pink bandanna around her little neck,
that's how I knew she was a girl;
and she seemed to be enjoying the ride,
because as the wind ruffled her tannish hair
I swear I saw her grin.

On a Hot Summer Night


Sarah, answer your phone
Clang, clang of the see-saw
Squeak of the swings
Watch both ways
Siren from fire truck
Kids squealing
Kids laughing
The ice cream truck bell
Leaves rustling
Birds crying
Wind blowing
Words forming

Dear Neighbor #7

Dear Next-Door-Neighbor,

I am a better person than you. Your life must be so void of anything else to do that you feel the need to mess with my life. I am the better person and one day you will get what you truly deserve. Until then, I'm going to try and never think of you again. If you can't handle that, then tough - move away. We were here first.


Your Next-Door-Neighbor

When I Can’t Write

When I can’t write, then I’m either sick or something is wrong. I write from the time I get up until I can’t keep my eyes open at night. I may never write the Great American Novel, but I have been an obsessive writer since I was eleven years old.

I keep a daily journal, work on several blogs and I have many freelance jobs at the present. Everything makes me feel like writing. It may not be what I should be writing, but I’m always putting words on paper or keyboard.

Right now, there is a group of kids on the swing set (Old Fort Harrod Park) and they are inspiring a poem. Even though I may only jot down single words, they will end up as a poem or story before the night is over.

Rainy days inspire me more than sunny days, because I love the smell and feel of rain in the air. My wildflowers inspire me because they are God’s gift – pampered, hybrid flowers just don’t mean the same to me.

The past two months, my words and writings have been about my youngest daughter, Christine and her plans for college at Berea. Over the past month, since the illness and death of my Momma, I have filled two and a half notebooks with words, thoughts and prayers. I’m not ready to turn them into anything yet, but the words are there when I’m finally ready.

The past few days have been the best because they have been filled with words and thoughts about my first grandchild, Devon Mikayla. Of course, she is not my official first grandchild because I have a step-grandchild, Delilah Rose, who is the sweetest little two year old you would ever want. But there will always be a special place in my heart for my little Tadpole.

Words come easy for me, if not, something is wrong.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Neighbor #6

Dear Next-Door-Neighbor,

Just because you think it's hot to mow your yard 3 times a week in your pink bikini, doesn't mean we should have to look at it. This is a child-friendly neighborhood, so please cover up - or at least wear a decent shirt.


Your Next-Door-Neighbor

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Neighbor #5

Dear Next-Door-Neighbor,

Please don't throw your nasty cigarette butts in my yard and flower beds. Number one, it's just plain rude! Number two, you may get lung cancer - and wouldn't that be a shame. And number three, you smoke while driving a gas-powered lawnmower - one day you may just go BOOM!!


Your Next-Door-Neighbor

Dear Neighbor #4

Dear Next-Door-Neighbor,

It may be hard for you to believe, but yes, I do leave several portions of my backyard unmowed. It provides food & shelter for birds & other small creatures. Worried about mice and snakes - well, the pair of red-tailed hawks seem to be taking pretty good care of them - not to mention the feral cats roaming the neighborhood and your little yappy dogs barking all the time. If we keep destroying natural habitats, then we will suffer in the long run.


Your Next-Door-Neighbor

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Neighbor - #3

Dear Next-Door-Neighbor,

Why, yes - that was me giving you the one-fingered salute as I have driven past your house the past few days. Petty, I know, but very satisfying nontheless. I just hope you're able to capture the image on your 2 video cameras sticking out of your front windows, because taking a picture last mu...ch longer.


Your Next-Door-Neighbor

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Neighbor - #2

Dear Next Door Neighbor,

If you feel the need to throw your rotten tomatoes somewhere, why not use a d**n trashcan - or do the natural thing and compost. My yard is NOT your trashcan. If you want to throw it into MY compost heap, that's one thing, but don't just pitch things into my backyard. Seriously, you may wake ...up one day with rotten tomatoes on more than your backyard.


Your Next Door Neighbor

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Neighbor - #1

Dear Next Door Neighbor,

If your harsh, chemical spray kills my sedum, Goldenrod and vinca, you may be very sorry. Just because you want to pollute the air by scalping your yard with a lawnmower 3 times a week, doesn't mean we all do. My shrubs and trees are trying hard to compensate for the damage you're doing to our... environment.

Your Next Door Neighbor

Surviving Grief

(Photo copyright All Poetry.com)


We have mourned and wept for those who have passed on.
Our tears have dried, but our hearts are scarred eternally;
life is contained and our memories serve to freshen the wound.
We are therefore vulnerable to shock that has turned to regret.

Of all the grieved we will soon be drawn,
some to faint rays of light which appear on the horizon,
and others disappearing into the darkness.
We have known what it is to live in the darkness,
what it is to find a moment of light,
only to be plunged into darkness again,
For one who seems to be a friend, has separated
the present reality to a fake reality,
and salvation has been denied.

To live, to exist, is to expose oneself to uncertainty.
Changes are all around us
and we can never be sure when new perils will arrive.
But jeopardy does not respect time
and we must be prepared for the next encounter.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

To College or War


My daughter is off to college today,
it's almost like going to war.
Trunks are filled, bags are packed,
the house is feeling smaller already.
I think this is a good thing,
even a great thing,
but the thought of my baby being gone
is a bitter pill to swallow.
Posters off the wall, books carefully packed away,
Disney characters stare back at me,
wondering where their owner has gone.
Harrodsburg, Danville and into the heart of Lancaster.
Thistles, Joe Pye Weed, Crepe Myrtle, Ironweed and Goldenrod,
bloom along the way.
A cliff lined with limestone,
blasted away to make room for these asphalt roads.
Paint Lick Elementary School in Cartersville -
Highway 954.
Yellow tobacco waiting to be cut,
and creek beds drying with rocks peeking up their heads on each side.
Cattails sway in the breeze as we follow a truck containing
a Crucifixion cross like a scene from "Mad Max."
Madison County, East 21,
my God, we're almost there.
Blondies's Ice Cream Parlor and the Circle K,
and our honeymoon spot - the Holiday Motel.
Berea College approaches,
the time is finally here.
I know it is not a good-bye,
just an, "I'll see you later,"
but why does it feel like forever?

~~August 21, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dragonfly Ballet


Dragonfly chasing a butterfly -
swooping above the scorching parking lot.
A delicate ballet - rapid fire of blue translucent wings
and the chunky, slowness of yellow ones.

Gusts of wind send a discarded bottle cap on a
jaunt across the black asphalt,
catching and dropping into each cervice and dip.

Hot, warm breeze on a mid-August day -
how sweet it is.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Night Has Ended

This is another poem inspired by a photo by Dan Felstead of Wood and Pixel Narratives.)


Frightening sight, an apparition from the past,
even by day can be immensely dangerous place,
with many unsolved mysteries and grave danger.
Determined to seek out the truth,
a secret from the past
which can force things once thought long gone,
thus could make things happen even though we have
difficult decision to decide our path of existence.
Streaks of red, the color of blood, mix with rain the color of the sky
Chase away the sunset, bringing forth the dawn,
but it is like the day would end up with a horrible death
even though the shimmering reflection offers the peace of day,
the sunset usually offers
a raging night could end with a horrible death.


(This photo is copyright of Dan Felstead of Wood and Pixel Narratives. Although it doesn't exactly match the tone of the poem, the color are breathtaking. The "...great estate of an enormous heart..." could be the Church - use your own interpretation.)


Night clouds hang over the fast approaching dawn,
still holding the dark captive, under the light of the moon.
Twin evils revel a danger with the largest house,
the great estate of an enormous heart,
feeling trapped, a prisoner,
like a women from the dead, come to life,
but seeking the warmth and life from the living.
The light from the moon continues to gleam in the night mist
and it is here an imaginable paranoia intrudes;
time for the woman to follow a new destiny.
It is a strange and disturbing time,
trapped, chained,
unable to follow the different fates or
to what will happen from one life to the other.
Her secrets are now in danger,
no longer able to penetrate the disguise,
unaware of the dangers.
The night continues toward lighter hours,
ancient knowledge,
multiple mysteries,
warping the bands of time to cross the plain,
leaving behind the troubled curse weighing heavy on her mind.
The sun rises blood red at dawn
hanging almost frightful over the countryside.
And even as the dark passes, the mysteries remain
the web has been spun with terror and mystery
as the fissures continue to expand into ever-deepening whispers.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Care and Feeding of Nightmares

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wake Up and Live


I can't see my way around
the dark veil of depression
increasingly squeezing in on my life.
Even medications are not enough to control the suffocating blackness.
Occasionally, tiny specks of happiness are sprinkled through my life,
like bits of candy canes in peppermint ice cream -
sharp, but sweet, lessening the edge of torment.
I've live half my life, so why don't I feel better about myself?
Why does this torture continue,
causing nothing by hopelessness and pain?
Life is too short to live in misery and despair.
I've got to wake up and smell the fresh,
tantalizing fragrance of my family,
my life -
I must wake up and live.

Bright Future


Out of the fallen dusk
night draws near,
and a stranger, who is not a stranger,
approaches with a soul shaped by remembrance and loneliness.
The persistent strain of moans and groans,
don't rule out the possibilities.
The shapes of the stories and descriptions
handed down from roots and blood and soul;
form their own destiny.
Indulging in fanciful attitudes
will only lead to sadness from the past.
So return to live the life you never got to live,
the uneasy days,
the invasion of privacy,
the great mystery is finally over.
The future awaits, and it is a bright future indeed.



I want time to blow the fluff from a dandelion.
I want time to blow a bubble that sparkles like a rainbow
as it bounces on the breeze.
I need the time to see how many licks it takes
to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
Give me time to smell the roses and lilacs, the herbs and wildflowers.
Give me time to taste a fresh, juicy peach, the perfect tomato from the vine -
Rocky Road ice cream.
Time to feel my lovers arms around me;
time to nuzzle with my little tadpole;
time to tell my girls "I love you."
I want to hear the serenade of frogs on a hot summer night,
time to hear the red-tailed hawk calling to his mate.
I need time to see the beauty of nature,
be it God, Goddess or Spirit - thank you.
Thank you for the time you've given me on this earth;
and if it is in your power, allow me to remain just a little longer.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Can't I have layers?
Onions have layers, although they may make you cry.
I'm more than what you see on the surface -
but why don't you look beyond?
Down deep into my soul, which encases my heart,
all the way up high to my brain with its right and left side,
all gray matter and neurons firing out of control.
I'm more than I seem,
don't judge a wildflower by its petals;
on the outside most are pretty, but the wonderful uses are inside.
See me,
see my layers,
see all my layers
before jumping to conclusions.