Friday, March 20, 2009


One-Minute Writer Friday Fiction: Winner, Loser

Write a brief, fictional piece about someone winning, someone losing, or both.


Jade stared at the crystal in her small hands. "This can't be happening. People of Jadocon don't die - so how can my Guardian be dead?"

When she accepted the ten-year assignment on Earth, Jade had packed up her few belongings and left her home planet without a care in the world. Jadocon's live for millions of eons, so she had no doubt she would see her friends and her Guardian again. In practically the blink of an eye, she would be home again and she had so many plans for the future.

The Interplanetary Council had given Jade a communication crystal before she left on her assignment. The crystal would only be used in cases of extreme emergencies. In the six years she had been living on Earth, the crystal had never once flared to life.

But today, today was different. Right in the middle of an outing with her new Earth friends - at a place called an "amusement park" - Jade felt the crystal in her pocket getting hot. Excusing herself and heading to the restrooms, Jade pulled the golf-ball size crystal from her pocket.

Concentrating all her engergy into the hard stone, Jade received the message that her Guardian was dead. No other information was currently available.

Jade felt a heaviness in her heart she couldn't explain. Wiping the wetness from her dark, almond-shaped eyes, she slipped the crystal back into her pocket and went back to join her friends.

This was the only communication from Jadocon Jade received while on Earth. It was after her return to Jadocon at the end of her mission that she finally learned exactly what happened to her Guardian.


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