Friday, June 12, 2009

Jade and the Storm

One-Minute Writer Friday Fiction: Storm

Write a brief, fictional piece involving a storm.


Jade stood on the small deck of the studio apartment she now shared with her Earth friend Michael. Since arriving on Earth, Jade had tried to blend in and Michael was the first friend she had adopted. She knew in order to learn the most information about Earth, she would have to have friends to show her around.

The day of her transport to Earth, Jade had walked out of the mountains and right into the path of Michael and his candy apple red 1968 Mustang. Jade had learned about cars in her studies with the Elders on Jadocon, but she had been surprised when she actually saw one up close and personal.

In that brief second when the car hit her on her left side, she had dropped her glamour and Michael saw her true form. Fortunately for her, he thought he was seeing things. Jade had not been hurt. Although she was not an immortal, it took more than being hit with a large motorized vehicle to do damage to her body.

Now, as Jade looked up at the impending storm, she felt the electricity in the air. Storms on Jadocon mainly consisted of great whirlwinds of dust and dirt. Here on Earth a storm meant light shows in the sky, rain smacking your face and wind blowing around your body. Stormy days were her favorite days, and now that Michael had shown her how to check the weather radar on television, she had some warning before a storm hit.

"I should have known I'd find you out here," said Michael as he walked out onto the deck. "I've never seen anyone who loved storms as much as you."

"It's just so beautiful," replied Jade. "You can feel the energy in the air. It's like the storm is alive, a living entity." The wind whipped her long hair around her face.

"If you say so. You always act like each storm is the first time you've ever seen one."

"They are, I mean, each storm is different. No two are ever alike." The first fat raindrops were starting to fall from the darkening sky.

"Well, here comes the rain. You'd better come inside." He gave her a peck on the cheek and then leaned his forehead to her forehead. "You are one strange girl, Jade; you know that, don't you?"

"Yes, I know; you tell me every day." She smiled at him, but didn't take her eyes of the approaching storm. "I'll come inside in a minute."

"Suit yourself. You up for breakfast?" Michael was now standing half on the deck, half in the kitchen.

"Yes, that would be nice."

Frantic patterns of light streaked across the sky, glowing behind the dark clouds like signals from the Gods. Although Jade's mission on Earth was for 10 years, she would never be able to describe the pure beauty of a thunderstorm to the Elders. The water on Jadocon bubbled up from the planet's core; the water on Earth rained down from the sky.

Jade walked to the edge of the deck, and bracing her abdomen against the railing, she leaned over into the air and let the rain wash over her. She turned her face up to the sky and welcomed the power of the storm.

From inside the apartment, Michael was mesmerized by the sight of Jade in the rain. It looked like she was worshipping the rain and the wind as both poured over her. In between flashes of lightning, Michael thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, because with each bright light, he would have sworn he saw some kind of green Goddess standing in the rain instead of his new friend, Jade.

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Bella Rum said...

It's fun to see things through Jade's eyes - sort of like a child experiencing things for the firs time.

Friend's of mine brought a boy from another country into their home for several years. The first time he saw snow was so exciting for the whole family.