Thursday, August 6, 2009


(Photo by Dan Felstead)


"Come on, you silly goose," laughed Devan, "you'll have fun. I promise." Devan had Jade's dainty hand clasped in his larger hand as was pulling her toward the carnival carousal.

"Don't tell me you've never ridden a merry-go-round. What've you been doing, living under a rock?" His fresh face glowed with excitement as he flashed his famous white smile. Devan never failed to attract the attention of men and women alike. He was born with the looks of natural beauty and he had the personality to go along with it. He was the typical boy-next-door and it never ceased to amaze Jade what a good friend he had turned into.

Since arriving on Earth a little over a year ago, Jade had acclimated herself into life on Earth with remarkably few problems. Michael had been her first friend and they continued to share a studio apartment. But Devan, Devan was just a joy to be around.

"Step right up, step right up - come on young man, take the little lady for a ride." The carousal operator looked like a rough neck from the wrong side of the tracks with his slick, greasy hair and three day face stubble. Devan pulled Jade up to him and handed him two tickets.

"Step right up, little lady, no waiting. Just pick the horse of your choice."

Devan tugged her hand and Jade stepped up on the platform. Surrounded by dozens of carousal horses, she felt overwhelmed with emotions. During all her preparations for her mission to Earth, the Elders of Jadocon had never shown her anything like this monstrosity of fake horses.

"Come on Jade, pick a horse," said Devan.

"I don't know, Dev," she replied with a quiver in her voice.

"Well, you're not backing out now," and he scooped her up in his muscular arms and seated her on the closest horse. Jade clung to the brass pole connecting the brown and white horse to the platform. Devan hopped on the black horse right next to her.

"See - nothing to be afraid of," he laughed.

When the carousal started to move, Jade cried out and hugged the pole even tighter. The horse started moving up and down and the music started to play.

Then something amazing happened, Jade started to enjoy herself. Realizing she wasn't going to fall off, she let herself relax. Then she started to laugh and her smile mirrored a crescent moon.

Devan looked over at Jade and thought he had never seen anyone as beautiful as the mysterious girl beside him. Blond hair wildly blowing in the breeze, dark eyes sparkling, infectious laughter pouring from her lush lips, he knew there was no one on Earth to compare to her.

Unfortunately, Devan would never know how close to the truth he had come.

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