Friday, March 6, 2009

Jade's Delivery

One-Minute Writer Friday Fiction: Delivery

Write a brief, fictional piece about a delivery.


"Jade, help me!" Cheryle had collapsed and was laying on the bare ground.

Jade stopped and looked back at her new "friend." "If we don't keep moving, those men will catch up with you." She spoke matter-of-factly in a cool, crisp voice.

Jade had only been on Earth a few weeks, but what she had seen so far was not to her liking. She had been prepped for living in a large "concrete" village, but this barren wasteland was almost intolerable.

When she first arrived, she had been in a tree-filled mountain range, but after moving into civilization, she realized the village was surrounded more by a dirt-filled barrenness than mountains. No, so far, she did not like this planet.

Cheryle had come into her life on the third day, pregnant, hungry and on the run from coyotes. She described these coyotes as tall, dark and shaggy, but from her preparations for this mission, Jade had only learned about coyotes that walked on four legs. Cheryle said these coyotes were men - how strange.

Apparently, Cheryle was desperate to get away from the coyotes, so Jade agreed to help her find a safe place. After all, she was here to learn.

But now it looked like Cheryle would not be able to go on much longer.

"Help me, Jade! I think the baby's coming!" Even though she was inexperienced with human behavior, Jade recognized the urgency in the woman's voice. Drawing from her two years of study, Jade knew what she had to do.

Walking over to the crying woman, Jade bent down and picked her up, then she started running for the clump of trees that was visible on the horizon.

"What are you doing?" cried the woman.

"I must get you out of the sun. I must find a safe place for your baby to be born."

Fifteen minutes later, Jade lay the woman on the sparse grass under the clump of trees. She opened her backpack and withdrew a water bottle. She wet a scrap of cloth and washed the woman's face.

"Ahhhhhh - oh, god, Jade! It's coming ... it's coming!" Cheryle drew her legs up to her chest and screamed.

The next thing Jade knew, she was holding a bloody lump. Fascinated, she washed off the baby's face and it started to cry. She wrapped the baby in a jacket she pulled from her backpack and handed it to Cheryle.

Then Jade sat down beside the mother and child, pulled her worn journal out and began to write.

"I have just assisted with the arrival of a new human ..."


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