Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Weird Pet Names

Mama Kat's Writing Workshop: Your Assignment...Should You Choose To Accept

Tell us about your pet! If you have a weird infatuation with your dog or cat we want to hear about it (or if they just plain drive you crazy)...but please don't compare them to children. It's just not the same.

Currently, we have one dog - a Rotador - and 6 cats - please, I'm not a crazy cat lady ... yet.

Although I like all my pets equally - well, almost equally, unless one of them has pissed me off. You know ... chewed up a ball of yarn, emptied the trash can looking for snacks, piddled in the hallway because it was too cold to go out ... you get the idea.

However, 2 of the cats have unusual names I'd like to share with you - Elinore and Weehawk. Now, for those of you who love the magical animated movie Wizards and worship at the imagination of Ralph Bakshi, you will know these names well. For the rest of you, here's a crash course:

Wizards is an animated post-apocalyptic science fiction/fantasy film released in 1977 about the battle between two wizards, one representing the forces of magic and one representing the forces of technology. Elinore is in training to become a full-fledged fairy and Weehawk is an elf spy sent to save the world from another Holocaust.

Okay, so my family is a bunch of nerdy geeks - what can I say??

Anyway, the other cats are named:
--Frankie - my daughter named him this because she liked the name - my hubby and I call him, Uncle Earl or Earl Grey because he's grey - I know, this doesn't have anything to do with the name Frankie, sue me.
--Bella - named after the heroine in the Twilight saga, of course.
--Merrill - my daughter named him after the character in Signs - my hubby and I call him Big'un because, well because he is the biggest of the cats - duh!
--Clive - my daugher named him after Clive Barker - my my hubby and I call him Booger because he has a mark near his nose that looks like - you guess it - a booger.

And the dog, well his name is Rusty because ... he's a rusty color. But of course, I sometimes call him Bubby or Bubber or You Damn Dog, depending on my mood.

We may not have a weird infatuation with our pets, but we do have a weird infatuation about our pets' names!

Elinore and Weehawk as babies.

Booger and Big'un as babies.


CJ said...

Naming cats is always difficult --choosing just the right one. But I found, once I name my cats, even though I don't yet know their personalities, they always seem to grow into their names.

Jeanie said...

Hi, Bobbi!

I'm commenting on several posts here, because I'm having trouble loading everything up back and forth!

Pet names -- Stimpy was named after the cartoon character -- big, orange-and-white and unbearably sweet. Gypsy is after the musical about Gypsy Rose Lee (and he is a tease). He was also a baby gypsy, so it fit, despite his being a "he." (I prefer to think of him as gender neutral!)

Seeing the pix of all your orange-and-white kitties makes me smile. Yes, like you, you love them the same (most of the time), but some hold a special place in the heart and Stimpy, my first who happened into my life at a time I needed him most, holds that spot for me.

The Cardinal -- lovely post. I love cardinals as well. I didn't know about the sign for the year but very cool.

Finally, organic. You know, until the oldest decided organic was what he really wanted to eat, I never thought of organic as food. I think of it as "of the gut," "Down to the bones," "so natural and real there is no doubt of its purity of intent." (Jeanie defs, not Webster!) I suppose in some ways, it all points to the same things.

Been delinquent in visiting all blogs lately, but hoping to get back on track! Thanks for coming by!