Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time to Leave

The Totally Optional Prompt for this week is: Time to Leave.

Time to Leave

Goodbye my dears,
The time has come;
So many years,
So many tears.

The time to leave,
Is a personal one;
You must cleave,
Or forever interweave.

So now it is time,
The choice has been made;
You can drop the dime,
Or make it rhyme.

It's time to leave,
Don't feel sorry for me;
Even though you may grieve,
I have made my decree.


paisley said...

if extended the opportunity,, i believe we should all be free to decide when it is time to leave...

Beloved Dreamer said...

I love this. When it is time, I will know like your beautiful words, that it is time to leave.
Very well written and to the point. We above all creatures know when it's time!


Stan Ski said...

The only thing that that prevents my whole-hearted agreement is the thought - what if I got it wrong?