Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Serenity Mountain

Today's One-Minute Writing Prompt: Mountain
Recall a memory involving a mountain.

Good morning Serenity Mountain. I just had the best few hours of sleep, curled up in my favorite recliner at our favorite cabin smack dab in the middle of the Great Smokey Mountains! I love coming here on vacation—even if I’m never still when I’m here. Just being here sheds an entirely different light on my life. We are miles and miles from the parkway in Pigeon Forge, so everything appears to run in slow motion, like a nice gentle brook over the smooth rocks that form a small creek. I am surrounded by God’s wonderful nature and I feel peaceful and more relaxed.

On this trip we had just turned all the lights on downstairs when I turned around and a baby squirrel ran into the house and straight into the first bedroom. The blue room is one of two bedrooms on the basement level of the house, along with the pool room and the remainder of the garage.Hubby ran into the blue bedroom and clapped his hands; the noise startled the squirrel and he ran into the pool room and inside the fireplace. The squirrel had hit a dead-end and was trying to claw its way into the wall. I could just see it now, "Crazy Family Visit Cabin — Let Squirrel Tear Up House." Hubby clapped his hands again and the squirrel ran out and headed back to the blue bedroom. Clap-clap—the squirrel is headed for me at the door, but it becomes confused and runs into the corner formed by the open door and the wall. As Hubby closed in on the little critter, the squirrel high tailed it into the green bedroom. Clap-clap—the squirrel is herded under the pool table. Clap-clap—with much encouragement from me waving a pillow — I picked this up off the couch to protect myself with — in the right direction and Hubby right behind the squirrel clapping his hands, the squirrel finally ran out the opened door into the night.We both started laughing. I had already worked up a sweat and we haven’t been here ten minutes yet. I sure hope this is not an indication of what’s to come for the rest of our trip.

I need to carve out traditions in the hardwood of my life. I need to make an impression. I want to be recognized and compensated for my time and effort, but I want it to be in a realistic way. No lies, jut the truth and the soul. My family really is were its all about.I want the life in me to be so strong it reflects on the people in my life. Serenity Mountain helps me take stock of my life and realize that all I have ever needed is right outside my back door. I don’t need modern conveniences to make me happy or help me feel closer to God. God lives in nature, not a golden castle; Serenity Mountain helps me but my life back into prospective.


paisley said...

what a beautiful post bobbi,, full of serenity and wisdom...

Dan Felstead said...

Great minds think alike...I am actually posting about my favorite cabin in the Smokies tomorrow! I've got that itch to get back to it as soon as possible again.