Monday, June 1, 2009

One-Minute Writer - Nature

Today's One-Minute Writing Prompt: Nature

Write about an encounter you had with nature that left you awed, inspired, or overwhelmed.

I can't name one single encounter because I find nature awe-inspiring every day.

I love the trees with their gently swaying branches and fluttering leaves.
I love the flowers with their vivid colors and fragrant scents.
I love the grass with its soft, velvety texture and soothing sense of calm.
I love the bees buzzing through the air, spreading pollen from petal to petal.
I love the birds chirping and singing, a musical choir from above.
I love the rabbits with their twitchy noses and fluffy tails.
I love the spiders with their intricate webs and efficient work habits.
I love the sunshine beaming down, providing energy for nature's all.
I love the clouds bringing interesting shadows in the sky.
I love the rain, the gentle showers and gully washers.
I love the rainbows after the fact, signaling a promise from long ago.
I love Mother Nature when she provides the wondrous awe and the breath taking moments.


Pretty Me!! said...

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qugrainne said...

I can tell you about nature being overwhelming!! As I sat in my chair in the middle of the woods, listening to the river and writing in my notebook, I looked down. One tick on my leg. Brushed it off. Felt something on my neck. Yup, tick. Stood up and took off my jacket; shirt covered with ticks. Yikes, mother nature. Not nice!