Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pink Flairs

(Photo by Highlander)


Her world revolved in ever swirling shades of pink
Lipstick, cotton candy, a Shirley Temple rose
Blush and bashful, flirty and seductive
They called to the very heart of her vain little soul

Never content to be a wallflower babe
Center attention, talk of the town
These were her outcomes from many long hours
Spent honing her craft and shaping it with pink flairs

She enters the ceremony giddy and happy
In awe of preparations for her glowing pink passion
Every eye turns with an "uh" or an "ah" to see
A vision in pink floating down the center aisle

The contract is now signed, sealed, delivered
And she has never looked so beautiful as she does right now
Glowing with love, shimmering in pink, my oldest baby
Is at least the belle of her own ball


Liara Covert said...

Beautiful image. Found you through Ruminations of a small town boy. Poems like this inspire and awaken soul.

paisley said...

just musical... really enjoyed it,, visual and all.. pink.. pink... very pink...