Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One-Minute Writer - Graduation

Today's One-Minute Writing Prompt: Graduation

What one piece of advice would you give to someone graduating from a college or university?

(Photo by Bee Spit)

Go forth and leave your mark on the world, but don't take life too seriously. It is very easy to get bogged down in the mundane, day-to-day tasks of living. If you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor, why work so hard to get the fruits? Take time every day to smell the roses, kiss your significant other, tell your family you love them, 'cause you never know when these things will be taken away.

You've already proven you are a success - a college degree consists of many hard years of work and sacrifice. Now prove you know how to enjoy life to its fullest - use the brains God gave you to help improve the lives of others. Life is not about who can grab the brass ring the fastest - it's about the one who can grab it and then pass it around.

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