Thursday, June 25, 2009



I didn't want it to happen
I never dreamed it would
But I feel us growing apart
No longer lovers entwined as one
Now we're more like siblings with limited toleration all around

When did the distance grow
Was it something I could have stopped
Or did I contribute to my own loneliness
By burying my soul so far from the surface
Wallowing in grief and all encompassing self-degradation

I thought we'd always be together
But now I'm not so sure
And the thought of leaving your side is a stabbing double-edged sword
You are and always will be my one and only soul mate
But I have other needs you seem to be ignoring

I'm not sure I have the will to start my life again
I've been through a lifetime of difficult change
I no longer have the will to break free from the absorbing routine
I can't stand the thought of change
But will my soul survive if the change never comes


Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

I don't know what's going on, Bobbi, but am thinking of you tonight.

paisley said...

beautifully written.. hoping git is fiction,, but either way it is a feeling i have felt at least once in my life.. just didn't understand at the time that "this too shall pass"....