Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pissed at NaNoWriMo

Okay, I'm already pissed at NaNoWriMo!! I promptly posted my first word count just after midnight - but for some reason, it gobbled up my words and now I can't find them!

To make matters worse, EVERYONE must be on the site now because I can't get the log-in page to load so I can try again. I'll just keep writing my story and hopefully I can try again to upload my word count!


DBA Lehane said...

The website has been a royal pain in the backside! I couldn't get on at all yesterday - just finally managed to this morning!

Anyhow best of luck and if you want to add me as a buddy there: DBA Lehane

Anonymous said...

Me, too! There I was uploading my stuff and "whoosh" - all gone.

But I also want to let you know that you won a Pink Prayer Book - send me an email with your address - my email is on my blog's "About" page ... and then get back to work on your novel!

Anonymous said...

I forgot all about uploading at the nanowrimo site, so I have saved myself some frustration!! I did make my word count goal for day one however. Off to a great start.... we will see how I hold up :)

~willow~ said...

yeah, I've been having problems too. I think I'll just not bother to try to login for a few more days, let them admin folks figure things out... by the way - you're already at 8K words?! way to go!! I'm chugging along at about 1.5K... target is 2K a day... not *quite* there yet... :p