Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YES We Can

Words cannot express my feelings this morning - my heart is full of joy and I feel hope and optimism again for the first time in years.

After 8 years of President George W. Bush, our country may finally be on the right track again.

No more worrying about our government invading a country because of oil or money (or revenge for daddy) - now we may be able to track down the person responsible for the USA attacks on 911.

No more worrying about how bad our environment is degrading because we have a President who doesn't care. Now we can work together to stop global warming and reduce our impact on the environment.

No more tax breaks or bonuses for wealthy corporations while the middle and lower classes fall farther and farther behind. Now working class families will be able to provide their children with common, basic needs again.

No more worrying about whether our children or our grandchildren will be able to afford a decent college education. Now, every child who wants to go to college will have the opportunity and education will raise our nation up and provide us with the new leaders for tomorrow.

No more worrying about the millions of USA citizens who are living without health care, or who are banckrupt because of medical bills. Now everyone will have access to decent health care and not worry about mortgaging their futures to pay for medical bills.

No more jobs shipped overseas. Now we will see new jobs and green jobs and everyone will be working together to prove we are the greatest nation on the planet.

I realize one person can not accomplish all of this alone - not even President-elect Barack Obama - but Obama has given us hope again. He is uniting this country in a way that hasn't been evident in my lifetime. Yes, we can.

Yes, we can ...

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