Friday, November 14, 2008

Fictional Friday

Fictional Friday Challenge for November 14, 2008:

Write about a Hunter’s Moon.

The Hunter's Moon

O the Hunter's Moon is hanging low
The brightest moon of all the fall;
What does it mean, where does it go,
When deep in the valley it calls to all.

The Red Man called you Hunter's Moon
To correspond with the Hunter's Feast;
But before you know it, you're gone too soon,
Leaving a mourning in all the beast.

The myth and lore of your precious light,
Brings you so much closer to the earth;
You give us hope, you give us sight,
At just your size and mighty girth.

You're gone again for one full year,
But the Oak moon will arrive very soon;
You sooth and calm and alleviate fear,
As we wait upon the coldest moon.


~willow~ said...

I really liked this :) There is a hushed respect in your words.

Not knowing anything about the Hunter's Moon, I turned to my main source of information: wikipedia! I'm amused to see that you call it the brightest moon of all the fall, while wiki claims that "... Hunter's Moon is not, in general, brighter than any other regular full moon." I'll just have to keep my eyes on the various full moons and see for myself! :)

James Ashelford said...

The respectful, mournful tone of the poem suits the piece, especially as you invoke old traditions surrounding the moon. Also, I like the picture you placed at the head of the piece, very atmospheric. Your own?

Shelley said...

Great job. I liked how you added the traditions of the Hunter's Moon as well.

I've got my piece up on my blog too.


Anonymous said...

Phote and entry, evocative. Nice stuff, really!

bella rum said...

I did a post on the Full Beaver Moon last week. Aren't they all beautiful? Great post.