Monday, November 10, 2008

Totally Optional Prompts - Expectations

This week's Totally Optional Prompt is:
Write a poem that creates expectations - specific ones. You may choose to extend the poem to fulfill the expectations. Or to have something completely unexpected happen. Or leave the reader to fill in what happens: there can be a lot of fun in that.

Expectations - come one, come all
To the land of daytime dreams
What are they, you may say
Just pull up a chair and listen

First we expect to have a happy childhood
Sugar and spice with snails and puppy dog tails
No cares, no worries
Just cotton candy promises and love

When school arrives to interrupt your day
The expectations change to routine and schedule
Gone are the days of carefree fun
Now it's stand still, sit up straight, do your work

Then the dark times arrive with pimples and grief
And an alien starts to inhabit your will
Curfews and groundings, screaming and yelling
Oh my god, will this time never end

But you break out again and head off to college
Or maybe you enter the workforce
No longer a child, but not quiet an adult
You have no idea when the expectations changed

Maybe wedding bells now come into your life
Or a little bundle of joy
You're off trying to fulfill your dreams
Still hopeful one day they'll come true

A half a century has already passed
So what are the expectations now
Do we wither away, or are we ready to play
Burdens lessen, but the end is creeping nearer

And now we enter the Golden years
The twilight of our life
To wait for the greatest expectation of all
To go into the light


gautami tripathy said...

So very reflective. We have so much expectations from life at each step...

illuminated fear susurrates

tumblewords said...

Stages of expections, for sure. Nice work. Congrats on your NaNoWriMo increasing word count -

Linda Jacobs said...

This reminds me of the Seven Ages of Man!

Love "cotton candy promises"!

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Yeah, I love the simplistic view of what's going on and the perception of progression and the final expectancy. But I wonder, if we're not already in the light, how can we expect to step into it at death?

Nicely written piece for the prompt!

Stan Ski said...

Perhaps we return to the light (those who qualify).