Friday, October 31, 2008

No Halloween Candy for You!

Fictional Friday Challenge for October 31, 2008:

Write from the point of view of a child who went trick-or-treating, then had their parent take away all their candy so they wouldn’t get fat.

Why did she bother letting me go trick-or-treating, when all she would do later is take away my candy? This has been happening since I turned 6 years old. I spend all evening tracking through the neighborhood in my sparkly or spooky outfits, only to have my reward snatched from me after only one piece of ooey-gooey sweetness.

I may be 11 now, but I am not fat! In fact, my pediatrician keeps telling her I'm in the lowest 10 percentile for height and weight, but does she listen? Nooooooo. Just because she spent the majority of her teens and 20s as overweight and dumpy, doesn't mean I'm going to do the same thing. But she is so afraid that I will end up like she did. She keeps saying, "You are not going to end fat and unpopular the way I was!"

But this year, I've got a plan. This year I will get my candy and eat it too! My friend, Susie, is going to help.

After several weeks of pleading and begging, Mom finally agreed to let me go trick-or-treating with Susie and her mother, IF Susie's mom made sure I didn't eat any candy. Susie's mom promised to take my bag of candy as soon as we finished trick-or-treating.

Only mom doesn't know we have a plan - mom won't get away with it this year!

Susie's mom is really sweet, but she doesn't hover around as we go door to door. She waits on the sidewalk like most of the other parents, so this allowed us to pull off our plan. Susie was carrying her trick-or-treat sack, but she also had another sack hidden inside. After every house, I would put a few pieces into my hidden sack and one piece in the sack I was carrying.

By the end of the night, Susie's bag was overflowing because my hidden sack was also full. My regular sack was only half full and I promptly gave it to Susie's mom.

"I'm sorry you can't keep your candy, dear. But your mom will give you a few pieces at a time." Little did she know, that the candy would end up in the trash compactor!

Mom picked me up, and promptly took the sack from Susie's mom. When we got home, she allowed me to eat one piece before throwing the sack away. She did seem a little surprised I didn't kick up more of a fuss, but I told her I was just happy because I got to go trick-or-treating with Susie.

For the next few months, everyday after school I ended up at Susie's house. I ate Halloween candy until I thought I would be sick. It was the best Halloween ever because it kept on giving and giving and giving.


~willow~ said...

teeheehee :) we both had the same idea with the kid sneaking candy away this time around... I like the use of a collaborator!

Annie Evett said...

great to read Willows and yours together - go the secret pact between girlfriends.
happy halloween!

cara said...

I just read Willow's, too. Sounds like you both sneaky little girls! :-))

Jeanie said...

Oh, my! What a theme! I'm afraid that wouldn't have been fiction for me -- not that my parents took it away, but I did have my first diet as a child with rationed candy! A FAT lot of good it did me!