Thursday, November 20, 2008

Totally Optional Prompts - Sound

Totally Optional Prompt: Sound

Okay, I'm not a computer expert and the sound and video components are waaaaaaay over my head! So, instead of getting actual sound for this prompt, I'll try writing it. No promises!

The Art of Sound

Split, splat the rain comes down
Swish, swash go the wiper blades
Squeak, squash are my shoes on the tile
Splunk, splack the rain barrel is full

Creak, creak goes the garden gate
Chirp, creep as the crickets start to talk
Crunch, crunch acros the crinkling grass
Crash, crack was that really the dog

Blip, bling those damn video games
Burp, blurb can you say excuse me
Beep, beeeeeep traffic jammed again
Boing, Bong you've got mail

Whish, whip is the wind in my face
Whirl, whash goes the water down the drain
Whack, whack as the back door slams
Whoo, whoo from the old barn owl


paisley said...

excellent choices,, onomatopoeia all... said,, just like they sound... very well chosen....

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Yeah, this works for me, the sound is still reverberating in my head!

tumblewords said...

Great - I could hear it! Your words are perfectly chosen.

Jeanie said...

Three cheers on your NaNo word count! As for your words, they definitely had sound to it and I could hear it!

Linda Jacobs said...

You really have to listen to be able to reproduce the sounds and you did a fantastic job!

one more believer said...

that was great!!!.. we are surrounded by sound.. never really thinking abt each individual sound that passes our way... i agree, i wouldn't have the slightest idea how to make sound come across as a link... thank you for saying that... i tried to figure it out and couldn't...