Friday, November 7, 2008

Fictional Friday - A Recurring Dream

Fictional Friday Challenge for November 7, 2008:
Write about a recurring dream.

Why is Every Night a Nightmare?

Why is it the same dream keeps echoing through the tattered regions of my brain? Why is it so hard to let go of the past? Why do my daily trials and errors always show themselves in the dark?

Most of my recurring dreams pertain to past mistakes in my life: failed marriage, failed jobs, failed success ... failed anything. Just when I think I'm leaving the past behind, my brain rears its ugly head and assaults my dreaming subconscious.

Why, why, why???

In today's modern world with accelerating technology and the mantra to be bigger and better than everyone else, what has happened to the little things in life? No more days of lazying in the dappled sunlight of a shade tree - instead it's cell phones, text messaging, and what the hell is a blackberry? The only blackberries I know about are the ones growing in my backyard!

This hurry up mentality ends up the fuel for my every growing nightmares. Screw up at work and a giant evil clown shows up to try and stab me to bits. Forget a vitally important meeting and the darkness gangs up on me and sends me running down one eerie tunnel after another. Have cross words with my sweetheart and I'm bombarded with teeth-gnashing cougars all trying to steal my man.

It's amazing how the subconscious brain interrupts the conscious brain, turning mundane daily acts into head-rearing, mind-blowing expletives of never ending falls off a cliff, knife stabs in the dark and teeth falling out all over the place.

"All I want to do is have some fun, and I've got the feeling I'm not the only one"... Thank goodness for the clock radio! Saved from another clown attack, but just knowing it's a nightmare doesn't mute the fact that my heart is already racing too fast for the beginning of the day.

(Artwork courtsey of Janus Head.)


Jodi Cleghorn said...

Really dark! It's bad enough to be haunted by failure in the daylight hours without it fueling the nocturnal world.

I really enjoyed this ... and I have a soft spot for Sheryl Crow!

~willow~ said...

I like how specific occurrences evoke specific (terrifying) dreams... and the clock radio saving both your Voice and the reader from more nighttime disturbances :)

Shelley said...

I really hate having those dreams where you wake up with your heart pounding. Great job!