Thursday, November 6, 2008

Totally Optional Prompts - Marketplace

Now, for this week's Totally Optional Prompt:

A marketplace can be a lot of things. A farmer's market with local produce and livestock. A mini-mart full of plastic packages. An economic abstraction. But real or imaginary, a marketplace is a place to buy, sell and trade; a place to meet other people doing the same.

This week let's consider poetry in relation to marketplaces. Have you ever seen or heard poetry performed in a marketplace? Ever marketed your own poetry, or someone else's? Bought or sold a poem or a book of poetry?

Poety is not my strongest writing ability, but I am slowly trying to add a few poems to my collection.

Because I live in a small town, we don't have people performing in the marketplaces. As a matter of fact, my town doesn't even have a book store, so we have limited access to books of poetry.

However, we do have several talented poets in our community. One gentleman - Charles Semones - has several published works and his books are promoted heavily at the public library.

I would love to see more attention to the written arts in my community, but I think I'm wishing to the wind. We do have a strong state arts council and they are normally very good at marketing and publizing new Kentucky authors. I just wish it would trickle down into my small, rural town.


Linda Jacobs said...

I live in a small town, too, with no book store. Don't know of any local published poets either. It certainly is a sad state of affairs!

tumblewords said...

This used to be a small town and a group of us got together and started a 'reading' event at the local library. It was a mixed bag... but we continue off and on with efforts to keep reading and writing in the public eye. Good luck if you choose to go this route!

Stan Ski said...

Keep it up and sooner or later someone will take notice.

gautami tripathy said...

Some interesting thoughts here. How I wish...

ribbons of her thoughts

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Hi, you may live in a small town but you're part of the global village now too and the whole world is your oyster!