Friday, December 26, 2008

One Minute Writing - Yesterday

Today's One Minute Writing Prompt: Yesterday

Describe the best moment of your day yesterday. Focus on any or all of your five senses in your description.


Yesterday was a wonderful day
For happy, smiling kids
Wrappings torn and ribbons tossed
A seas of toys did form

Yesterday was full of smells
That assaulted all my senses
Mom's yummy dressing, the candied yams
And a turkey fit for a king

Yesterday did shame my diet
For I couldn't stop at smells
Oyster casserole, fluffy potatoes
Had my tummy yelling out for more

Yesterday, although for kids
Did give us grownups joy
From textured ribbons and crinkly paper
Our fingers touched them all

Yesterday, that holy day
Gave pause for carols of old
From Once Upon a Midnight Clear
To the end of Silent Night

Yesterday comes but once a year
Though we hold it deep in our hearts
That special something all year 'round
Until Christmas comes again

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