Monday, December 1, 2008

Musing Monday

With the holiday season now upon us, how does it affect your reading? Do you have more, or less, time to read at Christmas? Do you read Christmas themed/related books?

The holidays really cut into my reading time. Right now I'm knitting up a storm trying to finish some Christmas gifts for the family. With money tight this Christmas, I thought it would be nice to knit family/friends scarves to keep them warm this winter. Over the past 2 weeks, I've completed 5 and I started on the 6th one today.

Although I am trying to read at least 30 minutes a day, my To Be Read pile is continuing to grow. I'm still receiving ARCs and review copies in the mail and the library is always getting new books (I do book reviews for my local public library for the newspaper every week). To solve my reading dilemnia, I check out several books on tape this weekend and I'm going to try listening to books while I knit. This may help to kill two birds with one stone.

I don't normally read Christmas related books during the holiday - with the exception of The Night Before Christmas and A Christmas Carol, which are classics we read in our home every year. That being said, I have recently read a wonderful new Christmas book - The Santa Letters - and I would recommend it to everyone who loves holiday themed books.


Andi said...

I love those annotated volumes of classics. I have Alice in Wonderland and Grimm's Fairy Tales in the same formats.
As for reading time, I am probably one of the few people on the planet who gets more time at Christmas. The semester will end soon, and I'll suddenly have hours to read. Yeah!! I hope you find more time, too.

bella rum said...

What a great and knit. That's really what you call "killing two birds with one stone."

I love that scarf. The color is fantastic, but they're also very effective in keeping the cold air out. My aunt made one for me and I wear it every morning that I walk. Funny how such a simple thing can work so well. The lucky recipients will love them.

Janet said...

Love those scarves, I'm wearing one of them today, in a lovely golden shade.

Rebecca said...

I never really got into the audio books while knitting, which seems odd now that I think about it.

Maybe I'll give it another go while I'm doing my Christmas knitting.

My Two Blessings said...

Wow, read and knit at the same time, amazing. Have fun.

My post is up now.

Robin of mytwoblessings