Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dark and Moody

Dark and Moody

My head is dark and moody
Why can't I shake these thoughts
I've tried to put them all to bed
But my brain keeps delving deeper

I know this is the time of year
When wishes do come true
But what would I be wishing for
If I had the will

I've tried to turn my thoughts around
But nothing seems to work
The dark and scary monsters
Are lurking ever near

I'm tryin to be the upbeat one
Because of family and friends
But all I want to do
Is hide inside my head

To think about the happy times
To think about the love
To think of the memories flooding in
To think of times gone by

So why can't I shake these thoughts
I really know I should
But brooding, ugly, scary thoughts
Have won the upper hand

(Artwork by Inobscuro)


paisley said...

you and me too... in fact i have started a personal journal blog that is not available to the public,, as i am sure everyone is sick and tired of me and my freaking doom and gloom.... but it all has to come out none the less..

i am making yet another attempt at therapy,, my first appointment is tonight... hoping for a miracle!!!!!!!!

Jeanie said...

Tis the season, I think. Everyone about tries to be so holly jolly -- and sometimes we are. But sometimes we just are dark. And it seems like lots of things are happening to people lately -- sickness, layoffs... I hope your dark cloud has lifted by the time you read this.