Monday, December 15, 2008

Musing Monday

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about reading on the go…

I always like to have a book with me at all times – call it a nerdy grown-up security blanket – and rarely do I leave the house without slipping one into my bag (even if I KNOW I’m not going to have a chance to read it). Do you take a book with you? Do you take whatever book you’re currently reading, or do you have a special on-the-go book? And do you have a preference for a these types of book (paperback, hardback; short stories; poetry etc)?

Typically, I usually read several books at one time. I keep a book of short stories in my car - currently this is Stephen King's new book of short stories, Just After Sunset. I never know when I'm going to get caught by the train - I live in a rural area and the train tracks surround our small town - or if I'm going to have to wait for my teenage daughter after school. I also keep a book of poetry in my car - right now it is Afternoon in the Country of Summer by local author Charles Semones.

I also read many books at night while my hubby is watching TV. Currently I'm reading The Tale of Briar Bank: The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter by Susan Wittig Albert. It is a fictionalized historical look at the life of Beatrix Potter, the beloved author of such wonderful children's books as Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Mrs. Paddleduck and other. This is the 5th book of The Cottage Tales. I also just finished reading Tomato Girl by Jayne Pupek. I loved, loved, loved this book and it is in my top 5 list of favorite books for 2008. You can read my review here.

I have found it is easier for me to read a book of short stories, a fiction book and a non-fiction book at the same time. For some reason different genres makes it easier for me to read more than one book at a time. For example, while I was recently reading Swallowing Darkness (fiction) by Laurell K. Hamilton, I was also reading O the Clear Moment (biography) by Ed McClanahan and Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (non-fiction) by Scott Cunningham.

There are also many times - if I am engrossed in a book and can't put it down - I'll take my current read with me. Something else I always take with me is a notebook - I am constantly jotting down information from the books I read, or random quotes that appeal to me or relate to my life. My preference is hardback books over paperback books, but occasionally a book on my list will only be available in paperback. I DON'T like e-books! I need to hold the book in my hands, feel the weight of the book and the texture of the pages, not to mention the smell of a book, especially if it is an old book.


Bluestocking said...

I bought a really big purse, so I throw hardbacks in mine.

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Nicole said...

Wow. You have a lot of books stashed away to read. Good job. You just never know when you can make a little time too read.

Beth F said...

You have a good mix at the ready for reading! I haven't tried ebooks yet.

~Kylee in CT said...

I sometimes read more than one book at a time, too. Like you, they are usually different genres (easier to keep them straight that way).