Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Stella from Stella Script to give 7 fun facts about myself.

1.) As you can see from the post before this one, I love the rain! I love rainy, overcast, have to stay indoors kind of days!

2.) This is December 9th and I don't have a Christmas tree up yet.

3.) I just finished reading Laurell K. Hamilton's new book, Swallowing Darkness. No matter what the critics say, I loved this book! I have been reading the series from the beginning - and as a matter of fact, I re-read the entire series before a new one is released!

4.) I talk to characters who live in my head. My friends think I'm crazy, but my family has learned to accept me.

5.) I'm the proud owner of 6 cats - and NO, I am not a crazy cat lady ... yet!

6.) I also have a dog - plus I'm expecting grand-puppies any day know (my oldest daughter has 2 Huskies).

7.) I'm in the process of writing fairy tales for the grandchildren I hope to have in the future.

I'll be passing this meme along to 7 other people tomorrow, when I have more time.

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