Friday, October 3, 2008

The Emerald Necklace

I pulled the camel hair coat out of the closet - I haven't worn this coat since Amy died. I had put it away, thinking I'd never wear it again. But it's been over three years and my wounded heart is finally starting to heal.

This coat is the perfect thing to wrap myself in - it is warm and full of happy memories. As I slid the heavy coat one, I'm amazed at how the coat - which was once skin tight, now has extra room for me to move around in.

As I button the huge brown buttons, my hands automatically go into my pockets. In the left hand pocket, my fingers come to rest on a cold object. As I pull the object into the light, I notice it is a green stone.

This is the emerald green stone Amy found on our last trip to the Smoky's. We had been prospecting for minerals in one of those tourist traps and she had discovered the stone. Knowing emeralds are my favorite stones, she gave it to me.
"Always remember me when you look at this stone."
I haven't worn the coat since just after that time. I had totally forgotten the pretty green stone.

As it lays in my hand, my eyes well with tears and memories assault my brain. I miss you so much - you were pulled away too young. As the rock warms my hand, it also begins to warm my heart.

I will take this stone to a jewelry store and have it turned into a necklace - a necklace I can wear every day to remind me of the baby sister I lost.

I miss you Amy. You live in my heart and in my soul. You are now a part of me that will never grow old, never grow tired, and never go away. Fall was your favorite time of year - Halloween your favorite holiday.

As the weather has cooled and I finally pulled out the old coat that had once belonged to you, I again feel closer to you. Now the rock is in my hand - once long forgotten, but now truly welcomed. It will hand around my neck as a reminder of my love for you.

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