Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Write On Wednesday

This week's Write On Wednesday prompt asks the questions:

"Do you find yourself moving too fast through life? What’s your favorite way to moodle and make the mornin’ last? How does slowing down affect your creativity?"

As I've gotten older, I do find myself slowing down. In my 20s and 30s I was always in constant motion - working full time, caring for the home and trying to manage 3 daughters. Those years have passed by in a purple hazed blur. I realize now that I missed out on many of the smaller things in life, the things I have now come to love.

When my children were younger, I hated mornings! I was an RN working the night shift, so I always came home to a house full of chaos. Clothing issues, bathroom meltdowns, screaming and crying, and persistant nagging by my hubby for them to eat breakfast. The 30 minutes before I had to drive them to school were the worst 30 minutes of my whole day. There were many, many mornings when I would drop the girls off and we would all be mad at each other. Looking back, I realize that was no way for a loving family to act, but at the time, we were all stuck in the same rut.

My older two girls are now grown with homes of their own, and morning rituals that now suit their new lives. I retired from my nursing job three years ago, so mornings with my 16 year old daughter have changed. As a matter of fact, many things in my life have changed. Without the added burden of having to prepare for a stress-filled day of work, I can enjoy the morning with my daughter.

We now watch the morning news over breakfast and talk about what's going on in the world. We discuss any homework or school issues she may have, or I may talk about what my day will be like. (I currently work 9-12 at a local church, so even though I still work, it is much less stress.) Gone are the tears and yelling on the 5 minute car ride to work. Gone are the sleepless days when I was sure my children hated me (remember, I worked nights, so I tried to sleep during the day). Both my hubby and I have come to appreciate the calmness that has taken over our household.

As for my creativity, I have noticed a huge difference since my retirement. I see ideas all around me, instead of going through the motions with blinders on. Sometimes I'll write a few lines before work, other times it will be an afternoon writing marathon. My hubby has also noticed a change in my writing; he says I'm more clear and my writing isn't filled with the gloom and doom of everyday life.

I've always been a writer, even when the girls were little, but now I find myself falling in love with the art of writing. My passion has returned and my productivity has increased a hundred-fold. I have finally learned what my granny told me years ago, "Life is too short to run around like a chicken with its head cut off!"

Slowing down and taking the time to enjoy my surroundings has been the best thing I have ever done - for my hubby, for my family and for myself. I feel like I have another lifetime ahead of me to do the things I enjoy and to continue with my writing. Now, I finally have time to stop and smell the roses.


Becca said...

This is so lovely, Bobbi, but I admit you make me a little jealous! My situation is opposite yours - I didn't work when my son was small, but I've gone back to work now that he's grown and gone. I like working, and I like my job most of the time, but sometimes I miss the days when I had more moodling time and less pressure!

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful post, Bobbi. This is how it should be. Loved it!

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