Monday, October 20, 2008

Musing Monday

This week's Musing Monday concerns an article on NPR, Why Women Read More Than Men.

The quote I found unbelievable was:

Among avid readers surveyed by the AP, the typical woman read 9 books in a year, compared with only 5 for men. Women read more than men in all categories except for history and biography.

Well, I consider myself an avid reader, and I've already read over 100 books this year! For that matter, so has my 16 year old daughter. My hubby loves to read, but he doesn't come near the number of books we read because he simply doesn't have enough time - but he does listen to books on tape during his daily commute.

Of all the book reveiw blogs I read, the majority of them are women - but I do subscribe to several male blogs. Whenever I go to a book store, there are usually near equal amounts of men and women. Although the survey this article refers to is very unscientific, I think they should have been able to get a better sampling of readers. All they need to do is check the web - WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

And in my daughter's words: "5 to 9 books is just wimpy! 50 to 90 is more like what an AVID reader can do in one year!"


Bluestocking said...

I know where they got that 9 book stat.

Musing Monday

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Jeanie said...

Interesting. I missed that one. (Must have been on after I turned on the radio and went back to sleep for a few winks!) But your observations ring true to me as well, just from blog visiting.

Natalie said...

I know given the right amount of freet ime and the right books I can read 5-9 books in a weeks time. They definitely need to check their numbers.

Callista said...

Sounds like most of us agree on this. I posted my answer to this on my blog.