Friday, October 3, 2008

Fictional Friday

This week's Fictinal Friday:

"Write about 8."

Eight if the number of siblings in my father's family.

Eight o'clock in the morning is when I wake up.

Eight o'clock at night is when my hubby is usually home.

Eight years is how old I was when I read my first Trixie Belden Mystery book.

Eight years is how old my middle daughter was when my youngest daughter was born.

Eight o'clock every night is when I watch Countdown with Keith Olberman; except on Wednesday nights when I DVR Countdown, and watch the FOX TV series Bones first.

Eighth month - August - is when I was born.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 never cease to amazes me!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. We all love 8. This posting had smiles all over it.