Thursday, October 9, 2008

Discover the Autumn Days

Totally Optional Prompts

"Discoveries ... Discoveries of what? Places, perhaps - although one often finds, when one gets there, that others have been there before. Ideas - though some claim that the same is true of ideas. What discoveries in history do you think have been important?"

Discover the Autumn Days

Discover the pears that litter the ground, wilted and aging - calling to the Pear Gods, "Please turn me into butter or jam."

Discover the goldenrod, way past its bloom - but still it stands tall, waving in the breeze, calling to birds and to bees.

Discover the spiderweb daintily dangling from each window eaves - delicate patterns of exquisite taste, built by the orb masters of every late fall.

Discover the frost asters dancing above the fields of grain - looking like snowflakes from far away, but mimicking a daisy when each bloom is held close.

Discover the pumpkins - fat, round and orange - delighting the fancies of all young and old.

Discover the cider, all spicy and warm - it touches that something deep down in our souls.

Discover the autumn leaves - broadcasting on trees and littering the ground - Mother Nature's own firework display.

Discover the cool nip in the air - burning your lungs, but opening your senses - your breath coming out in frosty whispers.

Discover the autumn days, don't let them slip away, because in the blink of an eye they're all gone, sleeping away until another year has gone by.


tumblewords said...

Oh, it is so true! Stop and smell the days! Nice work...

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

You list a lot of good things to discover!

Stan Ski said...

So many things we take for granted - so many things to really discover.

gautami tripathy said...

You really reminded us of all that we take for granted...

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