Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Write on Wednesday

This week's Write on Wednesday asks:

What’s your writing state of mind these days? How do you access that “mysterious faculty” where insight and imagination are nurtured? How do your instincts about your writing ability help you? What’s your experience of being in “the writing zone”?

Inspiration comes to me like a lightening flash - quick, sudden and to the point. I have learned to expect the suddenness of the muse and try to prepare in advance. I'm one of those writers who keeps a notebook on my nightstand table, in the bathroom, in my car, in my desk drawer at work and on my kitchen counter. I always have pen and paper available to jot down the lightening flashes when they hit.

I know exactly what it means to be in "the writing zone" - those moments of pure writing pleasure when your muse and your writing hand are in tune and they move as one instrument. There have been times I've been lost to my writing and I lost blocks of time out of my busy day. I have learned to cherish these writing frenzies for what they are - inspirational, joy-filled, and productive.

The problem is, those moments of zone writing are few and far between. Most of my daily writing can be reduced to notes jotted down with breakfast, quotes remembered over lunch and inspiration captured from the love of my family. These precious writing memories are just one piece of the puzzle that is my writing career.

It has taken me years to accept my writing style. When I first began writing seriously - over 20 years ago - I thought everything I wrote had to be perfect from the beginning. This mentality kept me from producing the quantity of writing I knew I was capable of. Once I learned to embrace my notes and doodles and scribbles, I became a better writer and my life changed forever.

You don't have to produce a manuscript in one sitting. All those memories learned from families, all those conversations heard over lunch, all those quotes you remember from your reading - all these things shape you into a writer and give your muse the fuel it needs to grow on.


bella rum said...

I was very late to the idea of keeping a writing tablet nearby. Actually, I thought about it but it took me awhile to act on it.

I can surely identify with unrealistically wanting everything we write to be perfect. That is definitely something to overcome.

Food for thought in this post.

paisley said...

i so love that feeling when something makes itself available,, and practically writes itself... as a matter of fact i am about due for one of those flashes........

Jeanie said...

Yes, few and far between. I can certainly identify with that one. And the sense about writing about family and people I love. They are a big part of my puzzle.

I like what you mentioned about taking years to accept your writing style. That's something I suppose I DO, but I don't know if I accept it because it's THERE or because I sort of have to. I have conquered the "gotta be perfect first time out" but it's still a struggle.