Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #127 - Miracle

Sunday Scribblings

#127 - Miracle
The prompt this week is: miracle.

It's a miracle I'm still alive after the way I've abused my body for the past 46 years. I vow to do better.

It's a miracle I have three, beautiful, healthy, happy daughters. With so much disease and birth defects, I praise God for my fortune.

It's a miracle I found my soul mate after spending the first 10 years of my adult life with the wrong man. Thank you God, for bringing Keith into my life!

It's a miracle that I graduated from nursing school while working full-time and being a single mother of two small children.

It's a miracle our home didn't burn down the time my middle daughter had a slumper party and they left the candles unattended.

It's a miracle our home was spared devastation during the last three area tornados (we live in tornado alley).

It's a miracle my hubby and I both have good jobs in this declining economy.

It's a miracle we know how to love.

It's a miracle we know how to care.

It's a miracle we know how to empathize.

It's a miracle ...

It's a miracle ...

It's a miracle


Terrie said...

Amen! Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

You are clearly blessed. A lovely piece

Linda Jacobs said...

These are the important things in life and recognizing them as miracles makes them even more precious!

paisley said...

so much gratitude here... the miracle is,, and i do believe this,, that you can see all your blessings and acknowledge that is just what they are.....

bella rum said...

Wonderful post. This would be a good exercise for all of us. We have so much. Beautiful!