Thursday, September 25, 2008


The sun it glows,
Hot and bright
Until the dusk is nigh.

The full moon glows
Awashed with light,
Calling to the hearts
Near and far.

The stars above
Twinkle and shine,
Speckling the sky
In the inky night.

Clouds float by
Fluffy and white,
Till thunderheads form
Breaking up the sky.

The wind is illusive,
It blows and it sings;
Searching and reaching
Until another day.

Raindrops pour down
In gussets and drips,
never staying around,
But always coming again.

The rainbow is hallowed
A promise of regret,
Fleeting and lonely
Fading from light.


Janet said...

those were some gorgeous shots!

punatik said...

An excellent poem, with beautiful images.

Jeanie said...

These are amazing. What a beautiful compliment to your wonderful words.