Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My love affair with science fiction started back in 1972 when I saw the original movie Planet of the Apes on television. I was fascinated with the relationship between the men and the apes in this movie and how the Earth declined, but managed to survive after the downfall of man. Charleton Heston and Roddy McDowell were the ones who wet my appetite for science fiction. I can vividly remember wanting to be Charleton Heston’s daughter (in my mind a replaced Nova with a daughter, because I was too young to be interested in a boyfriend) in the movie because I wanted to be able to play with the apes.

As I got older, I began collecting Planet of the Apes comic books. I remember the only place I could find these comics was at the old Save-A-Lot story, which used to be located where the new Subway is. I anxiously awaited each new addition and I would try to go to the grocery with me mom every single time she went. I would scour the magazine rack for the newest edition, plus any other magazine that mentioned the Planet of the Apes.

When Planet of the Apes became a television series back in 1974, I was ecstatic. When the show premiered in the fall of 1974, I was sitting on the basement floor with a clear view to the television. Before this time, I used to go to the Mercer County basketball games with my cousin Karen Noel (Million) and her father. We were wild about basketball and we went to every game. Every game until the fall of ‘74. When the Planet of the Apes television show came on, it was scheduled on Friday nights, so I began to stay home on Fridays and forgo basketball. Of course, this didn’t last long because the series was canceled after only 14 episodes. Bummer! By January of 1975, I was back to attending basketball games, but my love of these apes didn’t stop there.

Now, thanks to the introduction of the digital age, I can now watch Planet of the Apes whenever I want. I have all 5 original movies on DVD, as well as a behind the scenes DVD. I also just received the entire original televsion series on DVD, a surprise from my wonderful husband this past Christmas. My children think I’m crazy, but I just tell then, wait until you are old. I’m sure when Amber gets my age, she will be sentimental about He-Man and She-ra, just like Marie will remember Care Bears and Gremlins. I am sure Christine will always remember Pokemon and Harry Potter.

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