Wednesday, April 22, 2009


(Art by Lynda Lehmann - she is a part of - World Wide Women Artists)

Suggested prompt...I stood on the shore of the lake...


I stood on the shore of the crystal clear lake,
Thinking and brooding about the start of my day.
Would life be easier for me today,
Or will the problems of yesterday continue to pain?

The water surface is like a looking glass,
Shimmering and reflecting any object within range;
But my features are distorted and don't appear my own
Or is this the way others actually see me?

Rippling waves marr the surface when fish are bursting out
And now the lake's face is a kaleidoscope of colors
Showing me the autumn foliage in fanciful strobes,
Or is it an illusion conjured by my mind?

The mist is slowly rolling off the lake
Causing shadows as the morning sun begins to rise;
It is time to enter the real world with rushing people and worries,
Or can I remain here safe, snug and secure in the glow of the lake?

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

Bobbi, this is beautiful. It's how I think of my up-north lake, the images I have in my mind when I'm trying to calm down -- before coming back to the real world.

Nice. Very nice indeed.`