Monday, March 16, 2009

One-Minute Writer - Advice

Today's One-Minute Writing Prompt: Advice

Write a brief "Dear Abby" letter asking for advice. Or, write a letter giving advice, in response to one of the previous commenters.

Dear Abby,

Is it normal to feel like my brain is going to explode? Will my brain explode from all the worries and junk clogging my "intake" valve? What will happen to my family when my brain finally does explode? Do you think taking on different personalities - like Tara in United States of Tara - will help alleviate my problems?

Yours truly,

Waiting to Spontaneously Combust


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Jim Pankey said...

Two ladies in my life have had 'brain explosions'--literally!
Both are doing just fine. It was purely serendipitous that the story evolved; the two met because Patsy and I both volunteered at the local library as tutors. It just so happened that Meghan and Patsy were paired; Meghan had requested help learning to read after her problem. It just so happened that Patsy had survived an almost exact predicament, and tutored Meghan with a lot of patience and understanding.

Meghan wrote, "Let Me Die Laughing," and is now working on getting a sequel to it published, where she chronicles her cross-country bicycle ride at the age of 62...from Hemet, California, to Washington, DC and back via Chicago.

Patsy has worked at Hilton Reservations for three years now, earning top awards for proficiency.

Two of the great people I am privileged to know who have overcome extreme problems and are living happily...hopefully, everafter.