Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cemetery Voices

Clarity of Night writing prompt:

(Photo from Clarity of Night website)

Inscription: LOUISA E. - Wife of JAMES BURHAMS - Died July 22, 1854 - A. 25 yrs 11 ms & 25 ds. (Featured on this stone: A beautiful rendition of weeping willow symbolism, signifying loss, sadness, and grief.)

CEMETERY REFLECTIONS: What would the sleeping generations tell us about living? What would we go back and tell ourselves?

~Pain is the friction of life moving forward. But I don't know yet how to embrace it. Or whether we're supposed to embrace it at all.


They call to us from the depth of past
Breathless family, friends and foes
Gone away from earthly days
Existing in barren calm

What would they say, if they could speak to us
Would they approve of this harsh new world
Or would they happily blend with us
To capture the times gone by

I wonder if they understand
All the changes going on
Or are they fixed in time and space
Lifelessness n'er to age or grow

Familiar whispers on bated breath
Try to reach my ears
Cemetery voices from my distant past
Call to calm my fears


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Anonymous said...

This image and poem remind me: If people have not seen "Stories Told In Stone: Cemetery Iconology" they should check it out. It has many wonderful images of unusual, famous, old, new, unique and common gravemarkers from various locations in the South. It is published by MotesBooks. I got it at Ky Crafted Market last month. For people interested in genealogy or just gravemarkers and cemeteries, this is a good resource book. A really good resource for writers, too. It even explains what some of the old icons used on gravestones mean. Fascinating, inexpensive and useful book. Just wanted to share that, FYI. Loved the poem, by the way!