Monday, March 9, 2009


Today's Pictures, Poetry & Prose prompt:

(Photo by Melissa at Tweeded)

Suggested prompt...You are driving away from something or towards something.
Tell me about it creatively.


Well she's just 16, my little baby
So letting her behind the wheel has nearly pushed me over the edge
Although she is careful and slow
She is my baby, after all

I don't want to let her go
But I know the day is coming
I just want to keep her home as long as I can
Holding on to precious memories

The day is coming
It's closer than I care to think
I'll have to let her drive alone, while I sit at home
Praying each time the siren wails from the road


1 comment:

bella rum said...

I've often said that the scariest day of my life was the day my son backed down the driveway by himself. Yikes!