Friday, March 6, 2009

Doggone It

Today's Pictures, Poetry & Prose prompt:

(Photo by Colleen at Fingers and Paws)

Suggested prompt...Think of a word that goes with dog... loyal, playful, friend... any word you like. Now create an acrostic poem using your doggy word.


Don't worry - I'll always be your friend

One day you'll appreciate the fact I bark at strangers

Goody, goody - it's time to play tag

Gosh - I'm hungry again

Only you can make my leg shake that special way

Next time, I'll try not to slobber on the ball

Excellent - it's kibble time

I really am woman's best friend

Till next time



Jeanie said...

Oh, what a fabulous face! I'm enjoying these prompts of yours. Very nice.

Marguerite said...

Really enjoyed your acrostic poem!