Monday, November 30, 2009

Silver Trees


Silver tinsel shimmers and reflects
the multi-colored lights -
red, yellow, green, pink and blue -
a glistening holiday sight.
Although much better than trees from the past,
a silver tree is still unique
with the characteristics of its green counterparts,
but daintier, fuller, unusually pretty.
Memories of vintage 70s trees
without the retro color wheel,
no Christmas lights could be applied
and only round glass balls were allowed.
O, how the colored lights were missed,
but these trees were all the rage
and for a few holiday seasons
they were displayed with pride,
until the next fade came to town.
Things have changed in 40 years,
C9s replaced by multi-strings
and most mass produced ornaments are no longer glass,
but made from unbreakable plastic for keeps.
The new little tree is nostalgic in color and size,
but modernized to accept miniature lights
and the eclectic array of ornaments
collected from year to year.

1 comment:

Cynthia L. H. said...

I love the silver tinsel trees. ;^)
Growing up in the mountains of Nevada, we always went out for a live pine, but on the years we traveled back to Oklahoma, we put up the silver tinsel tree. I wish we still had it.
My daughter bought me a small one last year. I had it all decorated this year and she said, "Um, Mom, you can put lights on these."
So, I re-did it last night.
(I liked it better without the lights.)