Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mother Flossie Comes to Town

From My Muse and Me

Mother Flossie Comes to Town

We gather in the parking lot
to begin the festival parade;
not sure what to do to secure our place in line
we figure we can't go wrong with a wagon full of kids
so we slide in from behind.
Cheerleader moms with cheerleader spawn
Football studs and sons
A lumberjack man in his bright red flannel
Harleys the envy of all
Beauty contestants with pretty faces
Horses too skittish and spooked
The Bulldog mascot is way too scary
with protruding teeth and nappy gray fur,
he hops up on the float to show the way
and lead our rag-tag story.
And there she is, ladies and gents
the Queen of the ball
Mother Flossie in all her glory.
Vivid blue dress with her "granny" shawl
Her multi-colored feathered hat
atop her lovely silver curls
accents her smiling face for all the waving crowd.
My gosh, is that a rocking chair?
I hope she don't fall out
"I'm a home town girl from Gravel Switch!"
"It sure is nice to see ya!"
And don't be fooled and think we're wishy-washy
'cause we're really part of Mother Flossie's posse.

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melinda said...

I love Ms Ruth she is a dear friend. Glad you guys had fun.