Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One-Minute Writer - Proud

Today's One-Minute Writing Prompt: Proud

What has been the proudest moment of your life thus far? Describe the moment in vivid detail.

Because my children are my greatest source of pride and I have had so many proud moments, I decided to detail my most recent proud moment.

My youngest daughter, Christine, is 16 years old and a junior in high school - she is also an honor student. During late fall of 2008, she applied to attend the Kentucky Governor's School of the Arts for the summer creative writing program. This program is extremely difficult to get into because they only take 200 students each year - and this year there were over 1800 KY students applying.

In December, Christine finished up the long application process and put the finishing touches on the 8 page manuscript she had to submit. The entire packet was in the mail just before Christmas and we started the long wait. First notifications were to be sent out on February 15th.

Then along came the ice storm of 2009 and all mail delivery was a tad slow. It was excruciating waiting to see if she would be chosen to go on to the next level in the application process. Finally, the letter came - she had passed the first hurdle! Now she was scheduled for the group interview and reading process of the application.

We traveled to Transylvania University in Lexington the 2nd weekend in March. Christine was in a group of 6 other students being interviewed - all in one big group - by 2 of the GSA teachers. Parents weren't allowed in, but Christine felt like she did fairly well. Another hurdle leaped.

Then we began the wait - again. We had been told by past participants in the GSA program to watch for a large envelope in the mail - large meant she was accepted, small meant she wasn't. We were supposed to hear on tax day, April 15th. We didn't hear until 2 days later.

When I went to the mailbox on April 17th, I nearly collapsed right on the road - there was a LARGE envelope addressed to Christine. Tears in my eyes and shaking from relief, I rushed into the house and debated only 2 seconds before ripping into the envelope.

YES - my baby had been accepted into one of the most prestigious creative writing programs in the country!! Knowing I couldn't wait until she got home from school, I called the school and asked to speak to my daughter - thank goodness I know the school receptionist. When Christine got on the phone I told her congratulations and the next thing I knew, she was crying. My big, brave girl who never cries was absolutely sobbing!

So, I got in the car and drove to school to check her out. By the time I got there, she had a huge smile on her face and had already told most of her teachers and friends. I have never seen her so happy!!

Out of over 1800 applicants, my daughter is one of only 200 Kentucky students to be attending the 3 week creative writing school this summer. She leaves the day after my oldest daughter's wedding, so the week of June 20th is going to be busy.

Tomorrow, Christine will be honored in front of the Mercer County School Board and next week there will be a write-up in our local paper, The Harrodsburg Herald. My hubby and I are beyond proud of our youngest daughter.


Bella Rum said...

I know you're so proud of her. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing our kids succeed.

paisley said...

i can tell how proud of her you musr be.. and i am hoping she is taking the same amount of pride in her own accomplishment.. hope it is an amazing experience for her.....

Crazy Mo said...

My heart is swelling after reading that! How wonderful!!

Dan Felstead said...

This is a great story...and to follow in your footsteps...I know this must make you very proud as parents and deservedly so.

I live in Southern Indiana by the way and used to work with the Anesthesiology department at University of Kentucky so I know that area and it is beautiful.