Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Lazy River

(Photo by Brett Trafford)

Suggested Prompt...Offer a poem for this... put yourself sitting on the bank... on a quiet summer afternoon.


Slowly, silently, the current carries on
Down the lazy river of yesteryear
Depositing memories from long ago
And withdrawing emotions of the past

When did life get so complicated
That an afternoon on the shore is exhausting
And why did our reminiscences disappear
In the blink of the great urban sprawl

Turning back the tides of time
Reliving what we lost
The lazy river protects our hope
And gently wishes us on


Dan Felstead said...

I love your writing. YOu have so many blogs...I didn't know which to follow! Also, I didn't realize the Lost Blog was yours! I have followed it for quite a while. I am a lost fanatic as well and I truly loved the finale. What a great story line.


paisley said...

i will allow the lazy river of yesteryear to wash over me and make me new again....